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Who recently discovered this place and especially enjoy the stories, my own experience, about 12 years, meaning that occurred during the university decided, I will not say that one, fantasti because it affects me. First, I set the stage, I am a 20- year-old was away from home, and my parents for the first time in my life, I have my first year in the fantasti dormitory of a girls' school and then went out to share a house with some friends in year 2 was involved in many activities, how to do that, but my fantasti great love was sport that interested him, and I am still in the era of hockey, rowing, but also occurred when one of the boys asked which means of course, if Coxinga was wild. I had no experience in this, but it was more than happy to give it a try. I think his interest was to do with my size as any romantic. was particularly suitable for this, have a small size 10, 8 one on a good day, and because of my very sporting activities, I also had and has a solid 34C bust, I'm very pRoud it! I soon got used to enjoy the sport and quickly established myself as a cox fours for one of the major universities. For all those girls who are not familiar with rowing is one of the hunkiest sports, the boys are in general terms at over 6 feet and body, which are naturally very fit, well, there is a point lost me as fun to watch them in pieces before Lycra tight, do not have much to hide, and I was often caught dreaming, thinking fantasti Lynford Christie and you get the idea. Now, back to my story, my ship was training for a major inter-university race, this meant, always in the water by five o'clock nearly every day for a meeting, no more so stupid to be in that moment! In general, work for about an hour before returning to the boat house to the gym and cooling training. The training paid off as we were always closer to our goal 6mins 30secs over 2000 meters long, for anyone who does not know that well enough, they were also much moreFun and a strong bond between us, because we spent more time together. These usually come with much banter, the majority of cases ended with me as a target of his jokes, sexual mostly because I looked like one of them and felt they could not ask for more involved with other girls. After the sessions ended and we all went to our respective changing rooms often could hear laughing and joking as he showered, showers, changing rooms each supported, usually could not hear, like people in other rooms , as was usually very busy, but as I was always alone could hear. in general, talked about the training, but in this particular case, I could hear me! I listened intently as one of the guys that I will not give his real name, call Dave, describing how he wants to fuck me heard this all started as she began to describe in detail what each of they want to see me when evhad the opportunity, I was always very wet between the legs while listening to the four handsome guys hot and describe in detail how to use me sexually. that was not a virgin and had a friend before starting college, he gave up many things, but certainly not the kind of things that I heard to describe, especially the way I spoke twice convicted was not even sure what they mean to one of them said I was going to fuck in the ass that the other could have my pussy, and then the other two said they would use my mouth, until they all met at my face. Never thought I felt like I was upset but I was really on a lot and found my fingers drift of my pussy and I soon led fantasti to a powerful orgasm while still in the shower. fantasti He was one of the most intense orgasms I've had and lean against the wall, my legs start to bulge felt. When I moved I could not leave my commentSpirit, which fantasti was still wet relief despite myself. I took off my clothes and met the guys in the kitchen, which has generally not aware that he had heard of me. A fantasti then went to get something for breakfast, usually in the university restaurant. We continued laughing and joking now I have another thing in mind. Dave, who had started the discussion in the showers usually made ​​lewd fantasti comments about some of the other students in the restaurant, often along the lines of ' Do you think you have spent the night ' or ' Do you think you swallowed. ' tended to ignore their comments, but this time I went to his surprise, and when he asked what he thought, he swallowed a particular girl, he replied, ' Why not? All good girls, and also would be a waste if they do not. ' Everyone seemed fantasti surprised by my comments taken, but soon warmed to the subject, asking if I was a good girl, I replied saying they fantasti would have to know. I think there was some interest in them,began to comment more suggestive, she asks me if I have a daughter to think this or that, or what is a girl, etc. fantasti It all seemed innocent enough, but I always found, I showed how my nipples under my T'Shirt thin, a point not lost on Dave, on the fly to get drinks, I asked if I liked the conversation, I said it was just a little fun until he saw my boobs directly and said it looked as if it were me. I could not hide my shame or my nipples, which reacts much more difficult due to my regret, however, Dave joy, laughed as he was leaving to join me in the bright red juice. returned to the fantasti table to be greeted with a wry smile, he could not get away from this and confronts her in the head, I told them I had heard of me in the shower, and I thought I had more respect for I told myself then, were all mouth and no one wanted to know tUrn on a girl if I ever had the chance. This awoke feeling very macho and very soon heated discussion about men and women. I apologize and I made ​​him promise to me as an equal, not as a girl who is there for them to try to have fun. They agreed, but with one condition, that if fantasti any of them, do what I wanted to try, I was confused, but said Dave, who must use their showers and changing rooms, I could not believe my ears but I had relied on a corner, and I agreed, but only under the condition. when they reach our target of 6. 30 times, which all struck on this issue. spent the next few weeks, training and fun were together, which came into his jokes and put them on some of the secrets of girls, who were very interested in this topic. It was faster and faster until one day they all went out and we parted from our goal of 6. 30 to 6. 28 was more than in 2000. We were all very excited and jokingsaving water and our teams, we went to the gymn and has some warm- down, as I said in the locker room reminded everyone in my path, then Dave me of our ' deal' was. I do not think that would take out and said so, but insisted that a deal is a deal. I reluctantly agreed, but only on condition that it remains in full kit! They said they would, and I went to my dressing room to gather my things, I could not help, my nipples had become hard and my pussy was so wet, have become ever. I tried to stop me, but it made me worse. I wore my shirt rowing lycra one-piece, which left little to the imagination, considering that I'm in a sports bra and g'string and nothing else! I decided to get my sports bra, and when black and is likely to appear when my shirt fantasti wet, the better to show as little as possible, I fantasti was in my g'string. went to the boys locker room, the door opened and I had the chance to listen in the showerI fantasti walked slowly and looked into the showers, I was relieved to see that all the clothes, although they had rolled their jerseys and BOD showed their superior, I had no problem with that. made ​​room for me and soon we were all showering together, once we got into the melee, and mocked them as they have done for fantasti me. I soon realized it was wet, my shirt was almost transparent, but I had never showered in it before, how would I know? ? ? My boobs and my g'string he clearly stated, I must have looked like a wet entry 't shirt contest ! I've tried to hide it against the wall, but to no avail, because I take the double of soap, I know, I know. I could not help noticing Dave was also very excited, the bulge in the meantime had seen more than a bump, and sported a very hard, which quickly disappears when I got up, but I had not noticed. fantasti This appeared to his mark, he began making suggestive comments about me, a 'good girl ' who only make things worse for me than my nipples began to harden again, David fantasti soon realized, and I suggested it was a good girl and I admit it. The discussion became more and more suggestive to ask what he had heard a few weeks ago they said about me and if I moved. There was no way to hide what they had done to me as it was directly in front of them, Dave then came to me and whispered that he bets, I would like to touch his penis, how right he was, I I was knee deep there and took it in his mouth, before them all! I tried to stay calm as I could, I said I was out, I was still covered with soap, I tried to wash for me in the flowing water while washing your fantasti hands of my body, which made things worse and my nipples were out at the moment and my face was red. Then I felt a hand on fantasti my back, fantasti I turned and looked behind me, Dave, he said the soap to wash my back, I was facing aFar from it, slowly moving his hands on my ass, rests on the tips of my legs, then she was moved between my legs, I knew I had to make it run and then move on, but could not because I was so excited he was, his fingers found there way into my shirt and I felt it begin to caress the inner thigh. then I felt myself go weak and my hands on the wall to calm down, I was out of my ass with Dave said he got behind me and I could feel his breath on my neck. Began my neck, kissing me again into madness, and went behind me, then felt his cock against me, are placed between the cheeks of my ass, I was screaming inside him to fuck me, hands came my shirt belt and slowly moved to suspend my tits, he moved to the waist, so I was naked from the waist up, I pushed my ass against his cock was unintentional, I wanted so bad for me . came around and bEgan to fondle my breasts and playing with my nipples, kissing and nibbling was his neck and all the fantasti while he felt his cock against my ass in motion. Since I knew there was no turning back, I had to be screwed up, that was a long time and I had to talk about something else, because for the first time on me. I reached around and began to stroke his cock, he immediately turned away from me and pulled me toward him, for the first time I was on the screen to select them all, I leaned against the wall, the shower was still water going over me, I started playing with my tits, my eyes never ceased to Dave, then leaned forward and began to draw my shirt full, he knelt before me and I slowly pulled g 'string. was naked !!!!!! I did not care, and when he put his face against my pussy, I was on fire, began to lick her pussy, which began at the bottom and worked his way was my slit up to my clit, he knew what he was doingIng ! He licked and nibbled on my clit, which made my knees soft, I immediately felt my legs look and began to give way, and two other fantasti guys that she thought I looked like Dave licked and bit me, I started to, the most intense orgasm of my life, David never stopped until he nearly had collapsed. He stood up and fantasti asked me again if it was a 'good girl', I said fantasti I would show him how good a girl I was, I fell to my knees and took his shirt, his cock came out and grabbed impatience, I leaned forward and licked the end, he moaned as I licked and teased him with my tongue. fantasti The other kids were watching closely, as he looked at me and smiled, then took a large part of Dave 's cock in my mouth as I could, I suck and lick it all worth it started, my head is going back and forth with my lips close each time the tail is pushed into me. In the meantime, the other boys had removed their clothes and they were all naked, their tailspride, as he sucked greedily saw Dave, Dave, I began to feel tense, his hands went to the back of my head and put it in the eager mouth, the first group went straight into my throat, remained in pumping and kept swallowing until it takes more than it ran down my chin and lips dripping on my tits, I take it before I had drowned, he had in his masturbation and had mouth fantasti open he had entered with him, I never had someone come in my mouth before and thought that maybe, as is now on its cover that others saw it coming. After he finished, he turned immediately to the other, Peter, once again renamed, the next was, grabbed my cock and took him straight to his mouth, he began to fuck my mouth, I knew that soon much in the sight of me sucking Dave owes too, has become almost immediately began to arrive, once again I have so much left in the mouth as I could before finish of my face and tits. So far I have prepared for anything, but has not been fucked is that I was desperate for me to the other two, I was not going to suck, he said, but she fuck with me, told me that my knees get like me, John, a pseudonym, behind me came into my pussy on a train, and I felt his cock fill me, Alan, yes another pseudonym, passed over me, turned, so that its tail was in my mouth. began to fuck me, my pussy as I met John 's cock and sucked Alan, I fantasti heard something, he said, could not act as if Alan had his hands on my head as he fucked my mouth, I felt John away from me, Alan had his cock in my mouth, then Dave said John, who was lying on the floor porch, I learned when I was, and I fell hard Johns pussy cock, my breasts were hanging over her face and licked my nipples, I have very sensitive and can only be achieved by playing with fantasti them. Then I felt another pair of hands on my ass, I looked around and saw Dave in the correct position to get behind me, I tried to say something, but Alan had been in front of me again and filled my mouth with his dick. Then I felt fingers probing my ass Dave, I knew what was coming, had never been fucked in the ass before, but my friend had tried before was not fantasti always hurt because of me. I could not have imagined myself in this position, when and how Dave 's fingers found fantasti their way inside me, fantasti I relaxed and let me continue to probe, then I felt the tip of fantasti its tail to push me, my ass so do not let the light and he pushed harder until he had his fantasti head in pain was incredible, but there was no way to stop it, I could not let him know that he was fantasti suffering when he was a mouthful of tail Alan . After a few takes me Dave, I was more crowded than ever, as was John 's cock in my pussy and Dave in my ass, not to mention Alan is in my mouth, poor Peterbeen feeling left out, although I could see there was another hard drive, and was himself masturbating. Both Dave fantasti and John got into a rhythm, and I already had on his back and pushed forward in the queue, the pain subsided and the feeling was that he had never felt before, or because, unfortunately, this is lasted for a few minutes before John was starting to push hard into me, I could feel her orgasm I realized, as shot his load deep into my vagina. This set of Dave, who went deep into me, and I felt her pull his cock while pumping his ass with his sperm. None of this was lost to fantasti Alan, who almost immediately fantasti began mouth with his, was shaken at this point, fill my body with another orgasm, Alan sat with my mouth come from the other two away from me to fill. When I was on the floor exhausted, Peter felt hands on me, apparently not yet fantasti over and the sight of me being fucked by his three friends to him anymore. I could not resist when I was so tired, I asked him what he wanted from me and he told me on my knees, fantasti I tried to do this and can help get the others as soon as Peter was behind me and started pushing his tail in my ass. did not care and could not have avoided if I wanted, I do not remember if I did, but I let it go ahead with it anyway. He grabbed her ass as the others saw that there was no pain just a feeling, full, for anyone who will understand in the ass, gets fucked, no pain and feels pretty good, also very hot, which makes seem a bit naughty. I think that's what makes it so appealing to me, is now one of my favorite position, in general, make sure my friends are happy with it, it's goodbye, or not. Peter soon began to arrive, although I liked, I had thrown another orgasm, I think I was too tired for this moment, he came to me and I had him and Dave to come in my ass. as hand emotion I could feel the exudation of me, I felt fantasti very sexy and I reached around and took some of my fingers, I fantasti brought my lips and licked it off, gave the boys a little joy to me to do again, I was suddenly raised most of his mother, both of my ass and pussy and she licked my fingers. As soon as I finished I was trying to get up but my legs were weak, Dave and Peter Tome, who helped change the area where I could sit down, I must have looked like a disaster, I still had in my coming face and tits, she sat beside me and seemed genuinely concerned that I had enjoyed and was not disturbed by events. I reassured her I would have enjoyed it and was amazed at how much I was surprised on. I remember crying at this point, because I was afraid to tell anyone what had happened. I re- assured that there have their word to keep it. I had to get a shower and was helped by David and Peter, because my legs were still weak, soapy ms, and made sure he had nothing of his sperm in my body. After completion they were dressed, I could not resist last suck all their cocks, but before us, although it's only work faster, I have them all stand before me fantasti in line, and has sucked each I have them even joke about that most fatest had delicious dick. Then we went to breakfast as usual, it was all happening in less than an hour, it was certainly something I'll never forget, although I repeat not one or two sessions with them and once there was a trio with David and Peter, after a party, but only once. Dave and I on a regular basis, as my passion for anal sex that suited both, until he has a girlfriend is no longer normal and seemed to say that shit. Or fantasti years later Peter met in a rowing regatta, which was still in hiding, and I gave him a blowjob, I have been introduced to his girlfriend, and I remember that was greeted with a kiss on the cheek, mayor taste of his friends cum in my mouth. Never heard of John again after college, I met Alan a few years later in London, where I work now became like Bi, which seemed apt as the one who never fuck with me, but think back I enjoyed rimming, so I was feeling to complain, very nice for anyone who fantasti has not had to do to them, they still keep in touch and met several times, usually when none of us has a partner and in dire need a shit, shit that he is now happy fantasti with me, but only in my ass, and suck for me, again, I like, as he really knows how fantasti a girl with her Please, language, so I guess that the two we are happy. Now I am a young 31 year old single woman who works in London, I share the apartment with a friend in London SW, she has a boyfriend, like to flirt with me, but I have not and will not do, that, Although once told me, I have a big ass and is so sad that no friend, becombre very suggestive and gave me the impression that they wanted to enjoy a little anal play. that Others who had a normal life, I have not spoiled in one more thing, except once, when I was two boys appeared on vacation in Greece, even though all I wanted was a blowjob, she anxious that their cocks sucked me enjoy sucking, letting him come to me, was after a party on the beach, and I just wore a short skirt and bikini top that my boobs are covered with his semen, which hours dedicated to cleaning, luckily I can now taste do not complain much; ) I am not involved in rowing, but I know how to play hockey, I think is very respectable, and only a young woman, very pleased with his life is'm not say no to a regular partner althoughI shit, things that I like, I will) Maybe one day I meet this person, until then I live with my secret, and I like think again and often give an orgasm, while I often fantasiesout the encounter with a stranger on the tube and sucks it shall be unlawful for anyone reading this, I'm 5'4 ', blonde and big tits yet. I tend to work wear, dresses or skirts and dress jacket, oh yes, I think the Richmond tube. Watch out, you never know. Oh and by the way we won our race.
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